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Privacy Notices

Under data protection law, individuals have a right to be informed about how the school uses any personal data that we hold about them. We comply with this right by providing ‘privacy notices’ (sometimes called ‘fair processing notices’) to individuals where we are processing their personal data

As data controllers, we are required by legislation to comply with the principles of data minimisation and storage limitation.

School Documents

Where appropriate the school is committed to ensuring that eligible students benefit from the 16-19 Vulnerable Bursary Grant awarded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (EFSA).

We believe that the successful positive management of behaviour is dependent on the ethos of the school. These guidelines and information are intended to inform and support staff in the management pupils with behavioural difficulties and to encourage them to continually evaluate their own behaviour and attitudes.

Jack Tizard School recognises the valuable contribution that the wide range of additional activities, including trips and residential experiences, can make toward our pupils’ personal and social education.

The school’s Governors and the Headteacher are committed to providing the best educational experience they can for all pupils attending this school. They recognise the value to all concerned of dealing fairly, speedily and effectively with any complaint against their decisions, actions or omissions, which a pupil or parent or other aggrieved person may have.

All pupils are entitled to a safe, supportive and stimulating environment in which they are happy, healthy and enabled and encouraged to achieve as individuals. Jack Tizard School offers a positive, enjoyable, life-enhancing education and provides a range of opportunities for the development of each pupil.

Publication Scheme on information available under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. 
One of the aims of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 is that public authorities, including all maintained schools, should be clear and proactive about the information they will make public.

Jack Tizard School believes that the prevention of incidents, accidents, injury or loss is essential to safeguard our students and the efficiency of the school.

Jack Tizard School encourages links with the local community and welcomes its premises being used by groups after the school day or at other times, as far as is reasonably practicable. Consequently, priority will be given to the local community and voluntary groups over commercial users, and users directly associated with the school.

The PE and Sports premium was set up by the government to help primary schools improve the quality of the PE and sports activities they offer their pupils.
Physical Development is an integral part of the day at Jack Tizard. All pupils have personalised targets linked to developing physical skills, which can include P.E. or sport activities, physiotherapy, or sensory circuits. A Multi-professional team work together to ensure that pupils’ physical abilities are developed to their fullest potential.

The Pupil Premium is allocated to children from low-income families who are currently known to be eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) in both mainstream
and non-mainstream settings, and children who have been looked after continuously for more than six months.

At Jack Tizard School pupil premium is focussed on raising attainment and narrowing the gap through enabling increased access to creative learning opportunities and more focussed/targeted support.

This policy applies to all those who work with the pupils at Jack Tizard School, whether as an employee, volunteer or student.Essentially, all children and young people have the right to grow up in a safe and caring environment, which includes the right to protection from all types of abuse.  They have the right to expect adults in positions of responsibility to do everything possible to foster these rights.  Child protection issues will be considered in all areas of school planning and practice.

This addendum applies from the start of the autumn term 2020.
It sets out changes to our normal child protection policy in light of coronavirus, and should be read in conjunction with that policy. Unless covered here, our normal child protection policy continues to apply.

Jack Tizard’s Learning Improvement Plan is created by the whole school community. It encompasses information from a variety of stakeholders and activities, including parent quality assurance feedback forms and a whole staff evaluation exercise. 

Schools are required to evaluate their effectiveness in order to identify areas for development. This is a document that shows what the key strengths of the school are, with supporting evidence, and what we are working on next. 

Our ‘Information Report’ for Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) 

Jack Tizard is a maintained special school in Hammersmith and Fulham for children with complex physical, health and learning difficulties. We believe that all pupils are entitled to a safe, supportive and stimulating environment in which they are happy, healthy and enabled, and are encouraged to achieve as individuals. Jack Tizard School offers a positive, enjoyable, life-enhancing education, and provides a range of opportunities for the development of each pupil.

Jack Tizard School is committed to meeting its public sector duties. This applies to service delivery and employment as well as policy development and implementation. . 
Equality Act (2010) This Act unifies, supersedes or updates much of the previous law relating to equality. Schools are now required to ensure that pupils are protected from discrimination and harassment based on ‘protected characteristics’

Jack Tizard School is committed to meeting its public sector duties. This applies to service delivery and employment as well as policy development and implementation.

Section 100 of the Children & Families Act places a duty on Schools to make arrangements for supporting children with medical conditions and, in doing so, must have regard for the statutory guidance ‘Supporting Children at School with Medical Conditions’ (DfE, 2014).

Jack Tizard School supports the personal and social development of all pupils within the context of valuing difference and respect for all, promoting self awareness and independence.

These guidelines outline the principles and procedures for physical touch between staff members and pupils at Jack Tizard School. They should be read alongside the following school policies for:

  • Positive Handling and Physical Intervention
  • Moving and Handling
  • Safeguarding Children
  • Personal Care

All staff, visitors and volunteers at school are expected to follow these guidelines.

The aims of the Volunteer policy are to:

  • Encourage the wider community to engage with the school, thereby enhancing the curriculum, raising achievement and promoting community cohesion
  • Ensure that volunteers support the school’s vision and values, and adhere to our policies
  • Provide staff, volunteers and parents with clear expectations and guidelines
  • Set a clear, fair process for recruiting and managing volunteers/student placements

The law provides protection for staff that raise legitimate concerns about specified matters. These are called "qualifying disclosures". A qualifying disclosure is one made in the public interest by a worker who has a reasonable belief that:

  • a criminal offence;
  • a miscarriage of justice;